Who's watching your premises when you're not?

Residential Estates Security:

Access Control: As a multi-site landlord, or a manager of a Housing Association or residential estate, you will understand the importance of protecting your tenants’ possessions; as well as your own commercial interests. With so many access control options to choose from it is imperative that you are well advised based on the best equipment available.

Having established the measures that you need to take to protect both your tenants’ possessions and your property, we can then source the right security solution from our comprehensive knowledge of the very latest products available in the marketplace.

Burglar Alarms: Each residential site is different so you will not want an ‘off-the-shelf’ security solution. And ‘bespoke’ does not mean expensive, it simply means that we need to fully understand what your requirements are before finding the right solution. In many instances this means you save money by not being quoted an over-spec system. In short, you need security that works and that is easily and cost effectively maintained and regularly tested to protect you and your tenants.

CCTV: Ideally, the correct security equipment and alarm system should stop an intruder entering your property, so cameras are primarily used as a deterrent. Fitting the correct CCTV system in the effective places will always be an aid to protecting your property and track down any potential burglars.

Security Equipment: In addition to alarm and CCTV and access control systems there are a variety of ways in which you can help to protect your property and your tenants against break-ins or burglary.